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ymodem problem

Question asked by Tobias Witte on May 18, 2018

Hello all,

I used the IAP Projekt from STM32Cube_FW_L0_V1.10.0 folder to run it on my STM32L073 NUCLEO board. Everything works fine. Now I want to implement this in my main projekt with an own pcp and an STM073VBT6. I put the needed files (common, menu, flash_if, ymodem, stm32l0xxhal_crc.c and stm32l0xxhal_crc_ex.c) in my projekt without errors. When I start the IAP-Menu and send a '1' for uploading programm, the transmission is always aborted. The terminal program (extra putty) connect with the controller, but abortet before the first package. I watched at the "aPacketData" Array wich get filled in the Ymodem_Receive-Function when I try to send the file project.bin:



This is directly when he jumps in case 2 /* Abort by sender */. So they talk a little bit and then something goes wrong. Here is a screenshot when I upload the same file to my nucleo Board.


So the first character is the only difference. Maybe someone has an idea whats going wrong? Is there a parameter in the Nocleo-Project wich I maybe forget?