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ADC3 Trigger acquisition by Timer2

Question asked by Fede Rico on May 18, 2018
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Hi there,


I'm using a STM32F103 MCU and I want to sample two signals with ADC3.


I also want to sample the signals at 1kHz and to do that I think to use:


  • ADC3 with 2 channels
  • Trigger the ADC with a Timer running @ 1kHz
  • Use the DMA to transfer the samples


With Cube32Mx, I configure the ADC3 to be triggered by TImer2 Caputre Compare 3 event.


My problem is: I don't know ho to configure the timer to generate the trigger for ADC3.


These are my settings for ADC3

ADC configuration


These are my settings for Timer2:

Timer Settings



Thanks for the help!


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