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LSM303AGR Temperature Measurements

Question asked by Guillaume Reinhardt on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Rastislav Wartiak



I'm using the LSM303AGR, accelerometer and magnetomter, without any problems but now I would like to do some tests with the embedded temperature sensor and datasheet doesn't says much about it.


Firstly could you please confirm the usage of the register TEMP_CFG_REG_A ?
Writing 0xC0 to it, as specified by the datasheet doesn't seem to enable temperature measurements, however writing 0x80 seems to work.


Then could you please clarify the interpretation of the data ? The value is stored in OUT_TEMP_H as two's complement but is there an offset to account for ?


Finally, could this embedded sensor be successfully used to measure ambiant temperature ? Would we need to calibrate each device to obtain an accurate result ?

Thanks for your help,