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STM32f746G Discovery .IOC loaded from CUBEMX with STemwin LCD display

Question asked by melt brink on May 17, 2018
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Loading the default values in STM32f746 disco on STCubeMx, and performing following checks :

1. Graphics ticked, STEmwin enabled, Guibuilder enabled

2. Corrected the pixel resolutuon 480x272

3. Execute Guibuilder from within StCube

4. As per STcube manual (UM1718) check CRS, DMA2D, FMC,SDRAM,RCC,LTDC and DSI (all standard activated when loading the 746 Disco default  .IOC profile.


I am still not getting any display for some reason. I have tried to disable RTOS as well as any other peripherals in the default  setup that isnot required with no luck. I suspect a clock setup or something that has not been ticked.


Anyone perhaps have a working .IOC 32f746 Disco setup with working StemWin and  Guibuilder for me to compare to?


thanks a mil