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STM32 HAL Driver Cube Vs KEIL

Question asked by Ramesh Nayak on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by Ramesh Nayak

Hello . 

I am bit confused about STM32 HAL drivers packages and their versions.  i want to know the differences between 

KEIL software package Vs Cubemx fw version 

In keil it shows as 2.11 shown in below pic 

and the latest one available in cubemx software is 1.21 . 

my question is which one is newest ? if 1.21 , why it is not their in keil pack installer ?

suppose if i want to create a project using keil but want to use 1.21 STM32 Cube fw drivers . how can i do that ?

i know one option is launch cube mx software and mention ide as KEIL but i dont want use cubemx software. I just want to create a project using keil but use drivers given by 1.21. Thanks