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What happend with HAL_I2S_RxHalfCpltCallback

Question asked by garberoglio.leon.001 on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by Imen D

I was working with HAL library for STM32F4 for I2S interface. In particular with this version file:

  * @file    stm32f4xx_hal_i2s_ex.c
  * @author  MCD Application Team
  * @version V1.4.2
  * @date    10-November-2015


using this version I was having HAL_I2S_RxHalfCpltCallback when I2S is configured in circular mode. It's very usefull callback.

Now I'm working with an updated version of HAL and that file version is:

  * @file    stm32f4xx_hal_i2s_ex.c
  * @author  MCD Application Team
  * @version V1.7.1
  * @date    14-April-2017


I notice that there is no HAL_I2S_RxHalfCpltCallback. Where do I find information about this changes?