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SPC5Studio 5.8.0 is available (New Compiler 4.9.4 Hightec & freegcc)

Discussion created by Erwan Y Employee on May 17, 2018

Dear All ,


SPC5Studio 5.8.0 is available


*** Highlights ***

Here are the changes coming with SPC5Studio v5.8.0


For Mass Market:
- Integration of free gcc 4.9.4 (please update it by update site)

- Integration of hightec 4.9.4 (please update it by update site)
- New hightec compiler integration


- Bolero 3M: Fast ethernet controler, Ping and SWT demos
- Spahero: DSPI, CANFD
- Velvety:DSPI, Saradc
- K2: CANFD, I2C demo, cut2.4 support


For Selected Customers:
- Code generation for all 58 plateforms
- New siul2 MGT for chorus 1M, 2M, 4M, 6M, 10M and Bernina


- Chorus 1M: McanV2, New DMA driver
- Chorus 2M: McanV2, New DMA driver, I2C and EDMA demos
- Chorus 4M: New DMA driver, EDMA demo,improve clock performance, support of Usb type c SBPD-A0001 board
- Chorus 6M: McanV2, New DMA driver, EDMA demo
- Chorus 10M: New DMA driver
- Eiger: CRC, I2C, New DMA driver
- Bernina: McanV2, new DMA driver


- Customers applications written with old SIUL2 management should be carrefully cross checked
- The IO component is not compiling with hightec


Use these following update sites : (New update Site for free GCC feature and PLS Feature) (Hightec compiler) (Flasher)


                  Best regards