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STM32F746 + RTOS + LWIP Respond Time high / every second Paket dropped.

Question asked by Niklas Voi on May 16, 2018

Hi, i have big issues with a STM32F746 + RTOS + LWIP. Initialcode is generated by CubeMX.

The Problem: I ping with the device and every second paket get responded with a delay of 800-1000 ms or dropped/timeouted. There a 2 UDP-Services that accept pakets on two dedicated Ports,
they also have the same problem. If i increase the rate of UDP-Requests, the ICMP/UDP respond time is a very low ( a 1 ms ).


I think some periodic Task from the LWIP get not often enough called.

Had anyone an idea where to look ?

Best regards and Thanks,