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sleep on exit (LL_LPM_EnableSleepOnExit)

Question asked by Ed Watson on May 15, 2018

Is there a good example or apnote on the proper use of sleep on exit from an IRQ?

Do I need the Data Synchronization Barrier instruction? (to ensure sleep)


here is some pseudo code, this does appear to work fine.  I can see the main loop run once on exit without the "LL_LPM_EnableSleepOnExit()" and the intended result (no main loop cycle) with it enabled.


I'm not using the HAL in this application, just the LL interface.


void EXTI4_IRQHandler(void)
   /* Manage Flags */
   if(LL_EXTI_IsActiveFlag_0_31(LL_EXTI_LINE_4) != RESET)
      /* Clear EXTI flag */