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How to merge 2 projects, linked to two different boards mounted on the same Nucleo ?

Question asked by richardson ralambo on May 15, 2018
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We are a team of engineering students working on a project using STM32 technology and support.
Firstly, the Main subject of this topic is based on the problematic : How to merge 2 different projects ?
Next of this problematic, there is the question: Why did you get 2 different projects ?
So, the idea was : Use two expansion boards on our nucleo card (NUCLEO-F401RE) to do these actions :
- get info from NFC Tag with the module X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1
- Connect a wifi network and send this info to a server with an HTTP request, help by the module X-NUCLEO-IDW04A1 (to be able to connect a WPA2-enterprise wifi network)
Based on that, we have worked sequentially on the NFC part, then on the WIFI/HTTP request part.
And to use these modules correctly, we have started our work on existent projects recommanded for each of this expansion board. These embedded softwares are:
Therefore, we have modified separetely each code of these projects to match our recquierements, and each of them works fine.


However, it's time to finalize this projet and that means to merge our two different projects .But how it is possible to do that correctly ?
We are affraid by a problematic linked to the pin's configuration, quite different between the two projects. How correct this part ? There is also a problem to centralize all Libraries, sources ... recquired by the two projects.
And may be other problematics that we don't have seen yet.


What is the best solution to merge our 2 projects to let our two expansion boards work normally on our Nucleo ?
There is an other way to realize all of that without loose much time on this ?