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Why ST utility can't correctly identify my board?

Question asked by Max Reineke on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by Nesrine M

I have NUCLEO-F070RB board with F070RBT6 MCU. Generally I have not any troubles with board, but when i ran ST-Link Utility and connect to my board - it identify my MCU's family as STM32F072xx/F078xx. Message of ST Utility is bellow

01:54:19 : Device ID:0x448
01:54:19 : Device flash Size : 128KBytes
01:54:19 : Device family :STM32F072xx/F078xx

So, why it shows incorrect information? And need i to worry about this or it's normal? Thanks
P.S. I am new on this forum, so i am sorry a lot if i made some mistake when creating this topic or this question is already has answer somewhere on forum.