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Discovery B-L475E-IOT01 to Nucleo 144 porting

Question asked by Phanirajkiran M on May 14, 2018


Im trying to port B-L475E-IOT01 applications to Nucleo144 L4RZI. 

Im facing issuing on porting the driver. UART,SPI,I2C. 

Im strange to see that the data is not being pumped out of COM Port, while in debug the data buffers linked to the driver registers, but these also are not observed on SWD, here i have integrated the UART drive of Nucleo 144(L4+) on to B-L475E-IOT01. As both are of same L4X. 

when i check the UART driver for Nucleo 144 driver as a individual app its works. 


Is there any document on how to write the .xml file to frame the package for an application when the ST reference packages are available.

Is there any document on how to PORT discovery to nucleo boards.