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STM32-MATLAB TARGET, structure of generated project

Question asked by Martin Dvoracek on May 14, 2018
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I testing STM32-MAT/TARGET. I started with development of new project in MATLAB SIMULINK. Actually I have trouble with genarating of the project for SW4STM. Generated project from my simulink model has structure left on attached picture, bud the structure should by like on the right side of the picture (Application, User, Drivers..).


When I started with my project the structure was similar like the right one and everything worked fine. Bud I had some troubles with generated code, a made modified some parameter in Model configuration parameters. And then generated project structure was changed. Why? Which parameteres affected this? I tryed to creat new project but the generated project's structure is like the left one.


I made some algorithms test with mormal and external modes.


The problem with project structure on the left is that I have to manually add source files and headr files for MATLAB code to Path and Symbols to compile the project. In external mode about 10files has to be manually added every regeneration of the project, it is very time consumming.