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ICS gain of ST Motor Workbench

Question asked by hong.jin_hyun on May 14, 2018
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Hi I have some question about FOC SDK solution of ST.

ST provides workbench tool which is called 'ST Motor Control Workbench' for BLDC motor control application.

User is able to config power stage setting and etc.


In 'Power Stage' section of workbench tool, I can choose how I measure the current of motor phase such as 3sh, 1sh, 2ICS.


If I choose 'Two insulated current sensor', there is only one option. it is ICS gain.

Is it means that '2nd voltage output of Isolated opamp per 1A'?

ex) shunt resistor : 30m ohm

nominal motor phase current : 1A

1st voltage output of isolated opamp(input voltage of opamp) : 30mV

Ideal opamp gain : 8

2nd voltage output of isolted opamp(output voltage of opamp): 240mV

Thus, ICS gain is 0.240V/A



Is it correct?


I reviewed FOC SDK user manual many times, but I didn't find that.


So, please inform to me about that. Thanks.