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S2-LP AFC Usage

Question asked by Mat on May 12, 2018

Hi All,


I'm evaluating the the S2-LP transceiver at 868 MHz using the Nucleo expansion board and the S2-LP DK software.


I need a clarification about the automatic frequency correction: as far as I understood from the datasheet (chapter 5.5.1), it is possible to know how far the signal that my device is receiving is from "my" center frequency.


I have some questinos about it:

1) I see that the AFC provides the estimated frequency error through the AFC_CORR register it isn't clear to me which unit this value is... Hz? kHz? ppm?

2) How can it be related to the real frequency error?

3) In case of a continuous wave as received signal (i.e. created with a bench signal generator) this value is valid? When should i read it?

4) And how can I use it to correct the programmed center frequency accordingly?

5) Which is the range that the AFC can actually compensate?


Thanks for any reply