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Clarification on SBSFU Use

Question asked by Richard Lowe on May 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by Richard Lowe

Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update is just awesome. Very excited to use it. However, for whatever reason, the process of setting up and practical usage of it is quite confusing.


I've loaded the demo application(s) into Atollic and found that nothing works to the degree that the application notes explain. Have the "Hands on" workshop but found it more of a "load the demo.... see it works" but little in the way of explanation.


I've been using UM2262 as the only reference. 



This should be clear but it isn't.


Here is my understanding:

  1. Start a project that will be the "SECoreBin". It has no main and is compiled as a object file that will be used in the next step.
  2. Start another project that is the SBSFU and it will use the object file from step #1, it also does not have an entry point so it is also compiled as an object file.
  3. ? User app create..... Isn't the user application part of the project? Is the only way to load the user application is through the SFU process?


What I'm looking for is some clarification and ideally some more detailed instructions on how the project workflow is setup.