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End of program...

Question asked by M G on May 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by Clive Two.Zero

Dear Community,


If I compile a project for e.g. STM32F051 which contains following line

int END_ofProg              __attribute__((at(0x08007C00)))     = 1; supposed to show up at the end of program, then I notice that Keils’ compiler adds some additional stuff on top of the hex dump:
















If I remove this additional code later on e.g. by deleting the associated flash page the code stops to work after reset. If I look for the map file the code inside the hex dump should not to be there.


    0x08006868   0x00000008   Data   RW           61    .ARM.__AT_0x08006868  main.o

    0x08006870   0x00001390   PAD

    0x08007c00   0x00000004   Data   RW           62    .ARM.__AT_0x08007C00  main.o **

** this is the last line.


After searching the ST Forum regarding this this issue Ive found this Thread:

However I not really understand what the mentioned change of the scatter file really does and if a changed scatter file will cause that the additional code vanishes.  I would be glad if someone would post a more descriptive explanation of what is going on.