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AES128 HW_TIMEOUT error code

Question asked by KajteK on May 11, 2018

I'm struggeling with hardware accelerated aes algorythim. Based on example project I've enabled CRC clock and initilzed the operation, by passing the key (AccHw_AES_CFB_Encrypt_Init(&, , )). After that I'm trying encrypt data, but the function AccHw_AES_CFB_Encrypt_Append(&, , , ,&) return an error status HW_TIMEOUT. I set up a GCC compiler in AccHw_config.h witout any optimalization.  Floating point hardware with hard ABI has been set up as well. Oh and I'm using libSTM32AccHwCryptoV3.0.0__GCC_FPU.a libaries, STM32F429I-DISC1 discovery kit and SW4STM32 as a IDE.
If anyone of you guys has some idea what should be checked or done for fix the issue, I will be grateful for any help.