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Why SPI in BlueNRG hungs suddenly after hours of correct work?

Question asked by Piotr Romaniuk on May 11, 2018
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In my device I use BlueNRG-2 working as Network Processor (DTM firmware is loaded there).
It cooperates with STM32 where is my application. Processors communicates each other via SPI interface.

It works fine for long time but suddenly BlueNRG-2 stops responding.
STM32 change BLE_CS pin to active state (low) but BlueNRG never rise BLE_IRQ.

It may happen after half hour or couple of hours.


BlueNRG in DTM mode stuck SPI communication


The application works periodic in two phases:
a) dicovery phase,
b) connection phase.

In discovery phase the device scans available external LE devices.
Then it connects to one of them and reads some characteristics value.
After that it disconnects and returns to scanning phase, and starts from the beggining.


It looks like a bug in BlueNRG firmware (provided by ST Microelectronics in Dev Kit).

What can be a reason of such problem?
How to debug it and get rid of it?


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