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Lis3dsh no longer respond

Question asked by Ahmed Ben Amara on May 11, 2018

In my application , i switch between power down and other data rate sometimes each second and i use soft reset before to reset the lis3dsh in Reg3 ,sometimes it takes many days to have the lis3dsh not responding and sometimes before it takes less than that. i tried to read registers it always returns 0xff i checked with my oscislloscope MISO is always high.

I tried to do as mentioned here Receive only 0xFF from LIS3DSH  always no good result.when i tried to unpower the LIS3DSH and power it again it works well and the device respond again and the read write works fine.My problem is that in my application the hardware forces me to use only the software reset the VDD is not controlled.
Could i have a explication for that issue? Thank you