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STM32CubeMX plugin clock setup error (standalone it's OK)

Question asked by Andrea Canepa on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by Andrea Canepa

The same version (4.25.1) of STM32CubeMX behaves differently if it is the "plugin" (installed on TrueSTUDIO 9.0.1) from the "standalone".

The MCU is: STM32H743ZI

The problem: in the PLUGIN version, by setting the HSE clock in MHz it is rewritten wrong as "0.000000 .....". For example: I write 8 MHz, press ENTER, the writing becomes 0.0000080. Obviously this generates an error and the "Input Frequency" box turns red. If I press the "Resolve Clock Issue" button, after a few minutes it stops and writes "Can not found a solution for some constrain". If I repeat the same operations on the "standalone" version everything works properly, if in HSE I write 8 MHz it remains written with that value.

Steps to reproduce the defect:

  1. Open TrueSTUDIO, start STM32CubeMX plugin (inside trueSTUDIO).
  2. New project.
  3. Part number search: STM32H743ZI
  4. Click on the MCU on the right down. Then "Start Project".
  5. In the PINOUT select RCC, set the High Speed Clock (HSE) to: "Crystal/ceramic resonator".
  6. Go to Clock configurator. You can see on the left HSE Input Frequency: 25 MHz, blue background. It's OK.
  7. Click on the box under "Input Frequency HSE", delete 25 MHz and type: 8
  8. After pressing ENTER the box turns red and the writing becomes 0.0000080
  9. If you switch System Clock Mux on PLLCLK you will see that all the subsequent calculations are wrong, there is no way to restore the correct values even by pressing the "Resolve clock issue" button.

As I wrote before, if you take the same steps on the standalone version, everything works regularly.