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spc560p can abort mechanism

Question asked by wang mengmeng on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by wang mengmeng

hello guys:

      I am using the flexcan module of spc560p, now I want to use the abort mechanism to recover the can bus from busoff state by software instead of by the hardware automaticly,because the  hardware recovery  is too fast,

So I enabled the AEN bit in the MCR,when I captured the busoff in ESR register,I began to abort the TX MB by set the CS CODE to 09, and then activited the TX MB by set the CS CODE to 08,and then  send the message,but there was no message had been sent out,and the can bus was still busoff,there was no waveform in the can bus ,I‘ve seen the manual  several times, but I am not clear about how to recover from the busoff state by software?If any of you have the answers,I will be very appreciate!