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STM32F7 HAL Driver RCC_SSCGR_INCSTEP_Pos is missing

Question asked by Adam Davis on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by Amel N

Hello there.


I'm currently trying to integrate the HAL driver into my project which I'm currently using STM32F7 Nucleo-144 development board. I'm using the latest Atollic Studio with the HAL driver and I'm getting compiling issues surrounding with missing definitions to do with bit positions (i.e Atollic Studio is stating RCC_CR_HSICAL_Pos is missing). There are no definitions of the RCC_CR_HSICAL_Pos within the HAL driver as well as other bit related positions. Based on STMF4 code examples I've seen online, theses bit positions are defined within the main header related to the chip you are using (the same place where the structures are defined to represent the core registers).


I'm really want to start developing on my STM32F7 development board and if I can have some assistance with this, i'd be really happy if I could have some help with this issue, or if you could point me to an STM32F7 project which already uses the HAL driver within Atollic Studio.