MotionFX has faulty ranges and locks up

Discussion created by humphries.jim on May 10, 2018

Hello everyone,


I am working with a nucleo stm32F401re board and a X-nucleo- IKS01A1 mems sensor shield. I used the 'datafusion' code example as a basis of my program which is designed to find the Yaw rate or rate of change of heading. All the settings from the code example are unchanged so MotionFX should be running at 100Hz but I sample the headings at a rate of roughly 15Hz and perform the rate change calculation , then stream out the results on the USB port.


I find that the maximum range of heading varies up to a maximum of about 110 degrees instead of 360 degrees and when it reaches that maximum it locks up. All data streamed after that has very little variation on it no matter how much i move the board. Sometimes it releases but more often than not it remains locked up at close to whatever the last reading was until i reset the board.


Can someone help me to solve this issue please?