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STM32F103: unlock RDP without reset

Question asked by Nick Belazor on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by Nick Belazor

Hi, people!


how can i reset Read Out Protection on F103 series WITHOUT Power-off and reset??

HAL_FLASH_ob_launch --> it is reset (and hold MCU).


1. I set the LEVEL from 1 to 0 in subprogramm. All ok. Flash erased, all FF. good. But.. 2st first pages still in RW protect mode.

2. Then, I use my functions for remove write protection (chip now erased!). Then look debug on UART over terminal:

..before my operations: 0x1FFFF800: FFFFFF00

..after works my func: 0x1FFFF800: FFFF5AA5

Howerver, first 2st pages (4096 bytes) still on lock mode. And i can't modify it from my subprogram from RAM.

all other sectors is good, only first 2st FF FF FF FF FF........... and locked. not modified. Only after hard reset or power off - pages have a writable mode.


QUESTION: How can i write on 2st pages without reset when chip is already erased??????

(0x08000000..0x08001000 is blocked, but level already set RDP == 0 and chip already erased... why?)

please, help