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STPM3x power on initialization in UART mode

Question asked by Alexander Shafir on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by geppini.frenco

There is some contradiction about STPM32/33/34 POR initialization:


"After POR, to ensure a correct initialization, it is necessary to perform a reset of DSP and
communication peripherals through three SYN pulses (see Section 8.6.1 on page 67) and
a single SCS pulse, as shown in the figure below. SCS pulse can be performed before or
after SYN pulses, but minimum startup time before reset (as indicated in Table 5 on
page 17) has to be respected."


DocID026142 Rev 7 (37/120)


"To ensure a correct initialization of DSP, it is recommended to perform a global reset
through three SYN pulses at startup and before setting configuration bits."


DocID026142 Rev 7 (68/120)


But at the same time evaluation board STPM32V2 can work in UART mode and no SYN/SCS pulsed at all in this case.



- What is the sequence to insure the correct initialization in pure UART mode (RXD/TXD only) and is there any limitations in this case?


- Is there any hardware issues that can affect the correct initialization?