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DMA double buffer Interrupt

Question asked by Zhaokai Meng on May 8, 2018

Hi all, I have a STM32 NUCLEO-H743ZI evaluation board. I am trying to read ADC using DMA. Meanwhile, I also need to use the CPU to process the data read from the ADC. So I use a double buffer mode. 


I used CubeMX to generate the framework of the code. Then I modified a bit to enable the double buffer mode. I tried to use the functions HAL_ADC_ConvHalfCpltCallback and HAL_ADC_ConvCpltCallback. However, seems like they are being called at the same frequency.


My question is: Can I get an interrupt when the Buffer1 is filled while Buffer 2 is being filled? If yes, is there any actions I should take?


My question is similar to this thread: DMA Double Buffer IRQ  but I did not see a solution in that thread. I have the same needs:

"Here's essentially what I'd like to happen:

1.) Buffer 0 fills
2.) interrupt occurs (I service Buffer 0)
3.) Buffer 1 fills
4.) interrupt occurs (I service Buffer 1)
5.) repeat 1 through 4"