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STM32 HAL for Rs485 Modbus

Question asked by danave.chetan on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by christopher.ralph


I am trying to change to HAl library from STD lib. One of the task is port modbus code. I want to receive data, however size is unknown and is time critical (2.5 chars depending on baud rate).

typedef struct
  uint8_t au8RxBuf[UART_BUF_RX_SIZE];
  uint8_t au8TxBuf[UART_BUF_TX_SIZE];
  uint16_t u16RxBufCnt;
  uint16_t u16TxBufCnt;
  uint8_t  u8TxComplete;
  uint8_t  u8Error;
  uint8_t  u8RxStatus;
  uint8_t  u8TxStatus;

uart_data_s uart_data_485B;

void bsp_uart_485B_ISR(void)
  uint8_t u8dummy;
  static uart_data_s *ptr;
  static uint16_t u16ISRTxCnt = 0;
  ptr = &uart_data_485B;

// Receive Section
 if(USART_GetITStatus(usart_conf[UART_485B].usart_peri, USART_IT_RXNE) != RESET)
    bsp_GenTimer_Load(MB_PKT_SEAL_GEN_TIMERB, mbPktSealTimeout[UART_19200_BAUD]);            // Maximum Timeout between bytes to seal packet
    u8dummy = USART_ReceiveData(usart_conf[UART_485B].usart_peri);                           // Read one byte from the receive data register
    if (UART_BUF_STATUS_FREE == (uart_buf_status_e) ptr->u8RxStatus) {
      if(ptr->u16RxBufCnt < UART_BUF_RX_SIZE)
        ptr->au8RxBuf[ptr->u16RxBufCnt++] = u8dummy;                                                                                                 // else Neglect As buffer is not free

// Transmit section
if(USART_GetITStatus(usart_conf[UART_485B].usart_peri, USART_IT_TXE) != RESET)
    if(u16ISRTxCnt < ptr->u16TxBufCnt)
      USART_SendData(usart_conf[UART_485B].usart_peri, ptr->au8TxBuf[u16ISRTxCnt++]);         // Send One Byte
      ptr->u8TxComplete = UART_STATUS_FREE;                                                                                                                 // Transmit Complete
      u16ISRTxCnt = 0;
      ptr->u16TxBufCnt = 0;
      USART_ITConfig(usart_conf[UART_485A].usart_peri, USART_IT_TXE, DISABLE);                 // Disable Tx Interrupt

Note: bsp_GenTimer_Load will load timeout in software tiimers and on TImeout seal the packet or post the semaphore.

Also I am trying to check UART_Hyperterminal_IT example provided with HAL. 
This example receives 10 bytes of data however if I send 15 bytes in one go code loops inside HAL_UART_IRQHandler in UART_Transmit_IT with huart->State as HAL_UART_STATE_READY. Is there any bug with this HAL lib code. Also Can you provide me the pending bug list with HAL.
I have increased RxBuffer size to 32 bytes howevr receiving 10 bytes only through HAL_UART_Receive_IT.
Is there any known bugs list with HAL.