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!HELP! STM32 Discovery to capture PCM signal from GTM382 modem

Question asked by Beginer Julius on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by Beginer Julius
Hi everyone,
I'm very new to STM32 Discovery and I want to do some project with it. I need to capture PCM signal(voice) from GTM382 modem before it reaches CODEC. I know there is PINS:
PCMSYNC  - 8 kHz
PCMI - PCM input, which is devided into 8 byte slots.
So I need to overtake it, I need to make STM32 Discovery clock work simultanously with GTM382 modems' (2MHz) and PCMSYNC will show me when is begining of new slot of 8 bytes(flag), so I need to take the stream correctly and send it to PC (make a .wav file). Please help. Any suggestions?