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CubeMX for Nucleo144 L4R5ZI printf no response from Board

Question asked by Phanirajkiran M on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 9, 2018 by Phanirajkiran M


Im using Nucleo144 L4R5ZI board, using CubeMX i have generated the code to enabling the LPUART1 which the ST-Link is enabled for virtual COM port. 

when i just took a simple private variable im trying to see the message on lpuart1 using HAL_UART_Transmit, nothing is being displayed. 

Tried Debugging it halts the system on HAL_Init().

May be with the code generated or so??


When i tried with the example provided for the board,PWR/PWR_ModesSelection/Src it works fine, more over this code uses _GNU-...putchar ....redirecting to UART......and making the printf enable. 


But i tried the basic way of getting the message on virtual COM port.


May be something missing in the code which is generated by CubeMX.