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Clarification on Interrupt Map Error in STM8L052C6 Datasheet

Question asked by Logan Wendholt on May 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 5, 2018 by Logan Wendholt

I'm currently working on an STM8L052C6 project, and am looking to set up some interrupts on Port C pins. Looking at the pin description in the datasheet here, it appears that Port C pins should be capable of being configured as external interrupts. However, looking at the interrupt table from the same document does not show any entry for Port C. However, it does contain entries associated with Port G and H, both of which do not exist on this particular package. So it appears there is an error in the datasheet.


With this in mind, is configuring Port C pins as external interrupts possible on the STM8L052C6 chip? If so, what is the proper IRQ number to use?