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ST Link Utility cannot detect target

Question asked by Nicolas Hell on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by Reema O

Hi everybody,


I'm currently struggling with flashing a binary file to a custom board including Murata LoRa module (type ABZ) which includes a STM32L0.


Indeed, I have a ST Link, I connect it to the board using SWD with this configurations (ST Link on the left):

   - Pin 4 -> GND

   - Pin 7 -> DIO

   - Pin 9 -> CLK

   - Pin 15 -> nRST

The board is externally powered on.


However, when I try to flash the binary file to the MCU, I have several issues. The first one is that I have the message "Old ST Link firmware/St Link already used" under Target>Settings in ST Link Utility, when I disconnect the ST Link and reconnect it I don't have this message anymore but I have "Detection fail" in the Target information section and if I try to change something, the Old ST Link... message comes back.


I tried to look at the logs and I found some weird behaviour (especially on voltage detected) and there's apparently also something to do with Read Out Protection.


Anyway, I search for a solution but did not found one that solve my problem so that is why I ask here if someone can help me.


I join some screenshots of ST Link Utility and the corresponding log traces.


If someone can help me, I would much appreciate it