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USB Device Not Recognized - Error Code 43

Question asked by Ferzender Varli on May 7, 2018
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I've been using STM32F407VG for a long time. Today i got an error when i plug in my laptop and i can not solve this problem over 8 hours. When i connected the STM to PC, the error message was USB Device Not Recognized - Error Code 43. We tried a lot of ways to fix the error such as STM, enter device manager uninstalled and reinstalled. While i pressed the reset button, i tried to load the code on Keil v5, but the two error messages were no ST-LINK detected (Debugger - Cortex-M error) and flash download failed target dll has been cancelled.  I have tried to do it on the board some SWD pins, i tried to do cirtcuit close with jumpers