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STM32CubeF0 compilation using arm-none-eabi-gcc and Makefile.

Question asked by evading on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2014 by evading
I'm trying to get a STM32Cube project compiled using arm-none-eabi-gcc and a Makefile. I have specified:
CFLAGS = -mthumb\

LDFLAGS = -Wl,--gc-sections\

The FW builds without problems.but when I boot the MCU i get stuck in Hard Fault. Stack trace is:
#0  HardFault_Handler () at ./Src/main.c:156
#1  <signal handler called>
#2  0x0800221c in ____libc_init_array_from_thumb ()
#3  0x080021be in LoopFillZerobss () at Src/startup_stm32f030x8.s:103
#4  0x080021be in LoopFillZerobss () at Src/startup_stm32f030x8.s:103
Backtrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)

and I go straight to Hard Fault when stepping to bl __libc_init_array in the startup file.
/* Zero fill the bss segment. */
  movs r3, #0
  str  r3, [r2]
  adds r2, r2, #4
  ldr r3, = _ebss
  cmp r2, r3
  bcc FillZerobss
/* Call the clock system intitialization function.*/
  bl  SystemInit
/* Call static constructors */
  bl __libc_init_array
/* Call the application's entry point.*/
  bl main

Any ideas what could be wrong?
My arm-none-eabi-gcc version is 4.8.4 20140725 (release)
[edit] The disassembly of the calls
08002218 <____libc_init_array_from_thumb>:
8002218:   4778        bx  pc
800221a:   46c0        nop         ; (mov r8, r8)
800221c:   eafff812    b   800026c <__libc_init_array>
0800026c <__libc_init_array>:
800026c:   e92d4070    push    {r4, r5, r6, lr}
8000270:   e59f506c    ldr r5, [pc, #108]  ; 80002e4 <__libc_init_array+0x78>
8000274:   e59f606c    ldr r6, [pc, #108]  ; 80002e8 <__libc_init_array+0x7c>
8000278:   e0656006    rsb r6, r5, r6
800027c:   e1b06146    asrs    r6, r6, #2
8000280:   12455004    subne   r5, r5, #4
8000284:   13a04000    movne   r4, #0
8000288:   0a000005    beq 80002a4 <__libc_init_array+0x38>
800028c:   e2844001    add r4, r4, #1
8000290:   e5b53004    ldr r3, [r5, #4]!
8000294:   e1a0e00f    mov lr, pc
8000298:   e12fff13    bx  r3
800029c:   e1560004    cmp r6, r4
80002a0:   1afffff9    bne 800028c <__libc_init_array+0x20>
80002a4:   e59f5040    ldr r5, [pc, #64]   ; 80002ec <__libc_init_array+0x80>
80002a8:   e59f6040    ldr r6, [pc, #64]   ; 80002f0 <__libc_init_array+0x84>
80002ac:   e0656006    rsb r6, r5, r6
80002b0:   eb0007ca    bl  80021e0 <_init>
80002b4:   e1b06146    asrs    r6, r6, #2
80002b8:   12455004    subne   r5, r5, #4
80002bc:   13a04000    movne   r4, #0
80002c0:   0a000005    beq 80002dc <__libc_init_array+0x70>
80002c4:   e2844001    add r4, r4, #1
80002c8:   e5b53004    ldr r3, [r5, #4]!
80002cc:   e1a0e00f    mov lr, pc
80002d0:   e12fff13    bx  r3
80002d4:   e1560004    cmp r6, r4
80002d8:   1afffff9    bne 80002c4 <__libc_init_array+0x58>
80002dc:   e8bd4070    pop {r4, r5, r6, lr}
80002e0:   e12fff1e    bx  lr
80002e4:   08002258    .word   0x08002258
80002e8:   08002258    .word   0x08002258
80002ec:   08002258    .word   0x08002258
80002f0:   08002260    .word   0x08002260

[edit 2] The register values from gdb:
(gdb) info reg
r0             0x20000000   536870912
r1             0x1  1
r2             0x0  0
r3             0x40021000   1073876992
r4             0xffffffff   -1
r5             0xffffffff   -1
r6             0xffffffff   -1
r7             0x20001fd0   536879056
r8             0xffffffff   -1
r9             0xffffffff   -1
r10            0xffffffff   -1
r11            0xffffffff   -1
r12            0xffffffff   -1
sp             0x20001fd0   0x20001fd0
lr             0xfffffff9   -7
pc             0x800067c    0x800067c <HardFault_Handler+4>
xPSR           0x61000003   1627389955