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Single bulk memory copy (instead of memcpy)

Question asked by Roy Ben Hayun on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 5, 2018 by Clive One

We are using STM32-767ZI and copying a small array into a memory area which is mapped to an external FPGA.

Looking for how to make the copy in a single bulk operation.


The options are:

1. with a loop:

        while(i < destMemoryLength){
            destMemoryAddress[i] = srcMemoryBuffer[i];

this is probably using the CPU for each copy. (guessing it's an assembly MOV operations for each).


2. with C memcpy(dest, src, size):

        memcpy(destMemoryAddress, srcMemoryBuffer, sizeof(srcMemoryBuffer));

        //Q: Is memcpy optimized to use a single CPU instruction, or uses a loop internally?


3. Is there another HAL\CMSIS\else command or function that does a bulk copy?

(in other words, what should we do to ensure a bulk copy, and not a byte-by-bye copy?)