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STM32F413 SPI with DMA safety

Question asked by hande.sushanth on May 4, 2018



We are using 2 STM32F413 controllers which are communicationg via the SPI peripheral along with DMA. Ours is a safety critical project we need to add some checks to the DMA as mentioned in the "UM1840 User manual" - STM32F4 Series safety manual. As we are using the DMA peripheral, we have to take care about the safety aspect of it.

My query is as below

1. As per DMA_SM_1: It speaks about adding the redundanuncy (like CRC or similar). We are already using SPI with the hardware CRC enabled. Do we still need to add another CRC to the data packets?

2. As per DMA_SM_2: Information redundancy including sender or receiver identifier on data packet
transferred via DMA. where and how do we perform this check?