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Using STemWin with ILI9488 controller

Question asked by rodda.luca on May 2, 2018

We've been using STemWin with an LCD controller ILI9328, connected via SPI. We relied, then, on the resources from the STM32373-c eval board (ili9328.c, LCDConf_stm32373c_eval.c, etc.) and everything is working fine.

Now, we should move to a newer controller (ILI9488), which is listed among the supported devices for the GUIDRV_FlexColor STemWin driver in the documentation.

I do not find how to configure the support for the new controller: should we write a new driver, porting the support for ILI9328, according to the controller datasheet? Or can we find the sources for supporting the ILI9488 device?