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MCSDK & Motor Profiler with low RPM BLDC motor

Question asked by Abdul Fourteia on May 1, 2018



I am trying to use the MCSDK to control a 250W BLDC motor. Here the the specification.


Electrical 36V nom, 7 amps max, 10 pole pairs.
Mechanical ~ 8 N.m, and no more than 300 RPM.

I am using the F302R8 and IHM08M1 in FOC and 3SH mode.


I have managed to get the motor profiler working with a high speed BLDC (more than 3000 rpm). but I am having issues with profiling the one mentioned above. It does spin, but the rotation is not smooth at all and it couldn't exceed 80 rpm. The profiling fails if it doesn't reaches the maximum speed. I managed to get the rpm reach 250rpm but only with a target speed of 1500 rpm.


Is the MCSDK not designed for slow speed? Is there something else I am supposed to do here?


Thanks in advance for your help,