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Can't Detect Execution of Query Command ST25RU3993

Question asked by Tiago Santos on May 2, 2018
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I am developing a product based on the AS3993, AKA ST25RU3993. I have been using the FEMTO module (by AMS) to test my application code.

So far I was able to verify the initialization, SPI, interrupt line, cristall stabilization and PLL lock. Everything seems to be OK.

I am now trying to read a TAG.

Using the defautl configurations of the FEMTO, as follow:


Gen 2 Related Register ST25RU3993


In order to start reading a tag. I first write the values above in the registers, then I enable the bit RF_ON on register 0x00.

After send the Query command 0x98 and write the following bytes to the FIFO:


//dr = 0b01
//m = 0b10
//Trext = 0b00



//sel = 0b00
//session = 0b00
//target = 0b00
//q = 0b00



After that I start to wait for the end of tx interrupt, but I detect a irq_noresp instead.

Any insights?