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SDIO+DMA+FATFS for STM32L476RG (CubeMX 4.25.0+MCU pack 1.11.0)

Question asked by Dmitry Kochubey on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by Nawres GHARBI

Dear friends,

I have an issue with uSD reading and writing in DMA mode (How ever I am able to read and write data on SD card when dma template is off). I used CubeMX to configure sdio+dma+fatfs but it did not work for me "out of the box".


My CubeMX version is 4.25.0 and L4 MCU package is 1.11.0.


Could you point out what I am doing wrong in configuration or in my code or if it is CubeMX issue, could you please advice me how to solve it?

I found some topics related to SDIO and DMA configuration and tried to implement them :

CubeMX generated Project with DMA & FATFS & SD Card SDMMC1/SDIO


FR_NO_FILESYSTEM ,FatFs,4-pins SDcard with Nucleo-L476RG


STM32L4 DMA read write multiple blocks problem



Below you find screen shots with my settings and my SW4STM32 project including CubeMX file.

CubeMX version is 4.25L4 pack

My MCU setup:


My CubeMX configuration:

1) Clock


2)Clock factor

SD set1


NVIC set



5)Pin configuration

Pin cfg

6)FatFS (sector size)


7)DMA template enabled

dma template