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Looking for some SPC56EL70 Processors, anyone?

Question asked by Matthew Richardson on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by laureta.arnel

I have DO-160 testing to do on some avionics units.  This certification is destructive, and I frankly do not know if the SPC will survive the MOPS in my particular application.  A lot of this is empirical [not analysis], and some of the tests are pretty rigid.  I do not want to buy a whole 5000k processor lot until my certification is done.  I'll buy some from mouser after testing.  The 18 week lead at most of the distributors is also a cause for concern.  Twice I've had tickets in with ST sales via "Online Support" and none have been answered.  For my prototypes I removed chips off the Discovery Boards, and this isn't desirable for obvious reasons.  Even though the technical support from ST is top-notch (kudos to Erwin), I am having trouble with US sales.  There was even a local office right here in Seattle at one time, but it appears to be scuttled.


1) If this thread is answered by ST, can I buy about a dozen processors for my DO-160 testing.

2) Else, if there is anyone who has some SPC56EL70 [-X], 144 pin, (optionally with a copy of CofC), name a reasonable price and I will send you a check.

3) Erwin, please let me know your address as you are on my Christmas card list.



Matt Richardson