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STM32F103 LCD20x4 i2C

Question asked by paul sauv on May 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by paul sauv

Good morning,


I'm beginner with STM but managed to get working a STM32F103 LCD16x2 using i2C

Now, I would like to use i2C but with 20x4 LCD, nothing fancy

I modified the library according to what I was thinking correct but I can't get it working properly.

I used this tutorial for the 16x2 lcd:

Connecting LCD via I2C with STM32 - 


because I use this i2C module: PCF8574

And the LCD screen 20x4:

10pcs LCD Board 2004 20*4 LCD 20X4 5V IIC/I2C/TWI yellow green screen LCD2004 display LCD module-in LCD Modules from El… 

I have weird characters wrote on the LCD but not at the good position and not what it's supposed to be displayed

The project is attached


Do you have any idea of what I did wrong ?


Thank you