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STM32F407VG + 4 bit SDIO + DMA does not work probably

Question asked by Julian Hindelang on Apr 27, 2018
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I am using the STM32F407VG and try to read an SD Card over SDIO in 4 bit mode.

I have downloaded the fatfs driver from this site:

The initialization works absolutely fine until the second invocation of check_fs in line 3008 of ff.c
"fmt = bsect ? check_fs(fs, bsect) : 3; /* Check the partition */"


(Note: The first invocation of check_fs in line 2998 "fmt = check_fs(fs, bsect);" returns the correct value (2))


Where it sticks after the check_fs invocation is in the interrupt of the DMA RX interrupt callback:

static void SD_DMA_RxCplt(DMA_HandleTypeDef *hdma)
    SD_HandleTypeDef *hsd = (SD_HandleTypeDef*)((DMA_HandleTypeDef*)hdma)->Parent;

    /* DMA transfer is complete */
    hsd->DmaTransferCplt = 1U;

    /* Wait until SD transfer is complete */
    while(hsd->SdTransferCplt == 0U)

    /* Disable the DMA channel */

    /* Transfer complete user callback */

line 9 ("while(hsd->SdTransferCplt == 0U)).


Any ideas what is going wrong?