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FOC 4.0 problem with ADC?

Question asked by Kovac.Daniel on Aug 8, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by raza.hassan
I would like to use the latest FOC library for small PMSM motor. I'm using STM32F303VCT6 MCU and I would like to use internal PGA. But motor doesn't run at all. Start sequence starts, but with very high current consuption (higher that I set in WB). I finaly fount that probably AD converter doesn't give a correct value. I see it mainly on Vbus voltage measurement. Measured value is not correct. It shoul be ~325V but reading from MCU give me a value ~189V and it fall down to ~21V after few seconds. Voltage on board is corrent, also MCU ADC works correct - I mean nothing is damaged on the board. I've check it with modified example project in StdLib for STM32F3 and it converts value from Vbus pin. So it seems to me, that something is wrong with setting of AD converter in library. ADC does not measure correct values of Vbus and probably also phase currents and that's why motor has during start so big current consuption and doesn't run. 
I'm attaching my settings in WB. 
Maybe I sould mention, that I use KEIL MDK to compile library.
Any help/tips would be helpfull.
Thanks. Daniel