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viper06HS(primary regulation ) Loss of Regulation

Question asked by PINI BITON on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Emil Nierges


i working on the new project with viper06HS (115khz) -primary regulation .

i have a problem , output voltage 12 v on the second winding drop with increase current(connecting load)

when i used Light load the output is 12 (3mA) and when i start to increes the current (heavy load about 100mA)

the output voltage is drop to 8.5v  

the feedback is from auxiliary winding (without optocoupler)

maybe the problem is  from the feedback 


and when this future is available in eDesignSuite ?


input :90-265 VAC

output : 12v up to 200mA


Transformer 750370024:

PRI (1-3)=1.6mH ±10%

PRI(1-3) = 120 turns

AUX(5-4) = 20 turns

SEC(9-6) = 15 turns

TURNS RATIO    (1-3):(9-6) 8:1, ±1%

TURNS RATIO    (1-3):(5-4) 6:1, ±1%


add pic(circuit and transformer )