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How do you connect an ST link to a NucleoF411RE board?

Question asked by Kieron Holt on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Clive One


I have been stuck on this for two whole work days. I have been trying to establish any connection between an ST-Link/V2 and a STM32F411RCT6 MCU but I just get USB error every time on STM32 Utility and on STM Cube Programmer. So I decided to get it connected instead to a NucleoF411RE dev board but the exact same thing happened. Does anyone know how it should be properly connected so I can check I have done it right. Currently from the pins on the ST Link:

1 - Vdd

3 - PB4

5 - PA15

7 - PA13

9 - PA14

11 - Ground

13 -PB3

The rest are not connected. This is the same on the MCU except 2 is connected to Vdd, 15 is connected to NRST and the rest 11, 17, 19 is NC and 4 through 20 evens are connected to ground. 

Is this right?