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Is there a way to detect the Ethernet PHY activity via RMII without using LwIP?

Question asked by Pilot B on Apr 25, 2018
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We have a product based on STM32F427 MCU. It supports ethernet. There are 2 ethernet ports on the board. In the firmware we use LwIP as the ethernet stack.


Now we need to implement a testing firmware running on the board to verify if the ethernet chipset works or not. Basically the PHY will behave like a switch. Is there a way to detect the ethernet PHY activity via RMII interface without using LwIP stack? 


If there is a way such as checking GPIO registry, then we don't have to port LwIP stack to this testing firmware. Eventually we only need to verify the PHY working. We don't need to have the full features of the ethernet stack.


Thanks in advance.