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[bug]:CubeMX HAL timebase tick interrupt cleared in NVIC via pin editing

Question asked by Daniel Hassanian on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by Nawres GHARBI



I found a bug in the latest version of CubeMX which causes the tick timer for HAL to be cleared in code if the corresponding timer pin is cleared.


Steps to reproduce:

1- Open project with any MCU.

2- Configure SYS to use Timebase source other than systick (here I use TIM14 for STM32F070F6)

3- Check that in NVIC "Time base: TIMxxGlobal interrupt" should be Enabled(and grayed out)

4- go to pin configuration and set one of the pins that timer uses for the timer output purposes(for TIM14 here we have PB1 TIM14_CH1) and select it. (we can't use the pin because HAL is taking control of the time)

5- reset the pin.

6- the Time base interrupt is now disabled in step 3 which should not happen.


I think sometimes it also happens if you configure the same pin for GPIO input/output but i can't reproduce it.