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Question asked by sungwon chang on Apr 25, 2018

I am using a circuit board using the STM8L052R8.
This board generates the voltage to be applied to MCU after applying 4.8VDC voltage by using 3.3VDC regulator.
IWDG and BOR are used in the firmware.
However, when an ESD pulse is applied to the NRST pin of the STM8L052R8, the signal at the NRST pin remains LOW at any moment and does not rise to HIGH.
To recover the state, short-circuit the 4.8VDC and NRST pin to recover.
However, shorting 3.3 VDC and NRST pin will not recover.
In other words, the NRST pin is not in the HIGH state but in the LOW state.
How do I solve this problem?