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Delta to WYE three phase voltages conversion

Question asked by hexfet13 on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by AvaTar

Hello to all,


I'm here to ask a question about the energy meter I've developed.


The problem concerns the 3P3W system (neutral line not available).


In this case i can measure two line to line voltages and the phase between them to reconstruct the ideal 3 vectors system(with a ideal phase of 120° between phases).


The main problem is that the alghorithm i developed is too slow on an stm32 M4 @80Mz: in a worst case it takes about 60ms to find the 3 vectors who generate the aquired two line to line voltage measurements and their phase displacement (with an acceptable error).


I searched a lot without founding a method to reconstruct  3P4W from a 3P3W system(unbalanced); the uniqe useful documents i've found is this one: Calculating Line-to-Line Voltages from Line-to-Neutral Measurements with the NI 9225 - National Instruments
and is the same method i developed to construct my slow algorithm(it does a convergence to find the solution to the problem)


The question is: there's somewhere a relation or a library already developed than convert a DELTA three phase system to WYE ones just passing 2 vectors and the phase displacement?